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Before Using Kfriday

What is Kfriday?

Kfriday is a Seoul-based Korean proxy that provides storage, international shipping, and assisted purchase services.

We help people from all around the world get products from Korea, the majority of which are K-pop/fashion/beauty items. We pay special attention to the needs of K-pop fans, group order managers, and shops.


Where is Kfriday located?

Kfriday’s warehouse is located in the heart of Seoul, in Jongno-gu. Its office is also located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do.


The working hours of the warehouse team?

Our Kakaotalk line, which is the primary channel used by the warehouse team, is open from 9 am to 6 pm (Korea Standard Time) from Monday to Friday.

Outside of those hours, we may not reply or reply late. For urgent issues, you may contact us through our social media on Twitter or Instagram. 


What is Kakaotalk?

Kakaotalk is the most popular instant messaging platform in Korea, much like Whatsapp abroad.

To start using Kfriday services, you will need to download this app, which is free.

Basic instructions:

Step 1. Go to App Store or Android store

Step 2. Type “Kakaotalk” and download the messenger app.

Step 3. Create your profile

Step 4. Search “Kfriday Forwarding”


Does Kfriday ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship worldwide!


How do I sign up?

On Kakaotalk, open the chat with Kfriday (ID: Kfriday Forwarding). Pull up the bottom bar menu and tap on ‘’Sign up, get a Kaddy”. 


How long does it take to receive an address?

It takes 1 to 2 business days to get your Korean address.


*At the moment, our warehouse is full and unable to accept new customers. We are working to open up more space, but it may take at least 2 weeks before you can receive your personal Korean address.


Is it free to get a Korean address with Kfriday?

Yes, our Korean address is FREE.


How to read my Korean address?

This blog post will explain to you in detail how to read a Korean address:


Where to find my Kfriday ID?

Your Kfriday ID is composed of 2 letters and 4 numbers. 

We will give you your Kfriday ID along with your Korean address.


*This Kfriday ID is unique; please do not share or promote it. 

Contact the shopper team

How do I contact the shopper team?

To contact the shopper team you need to message them on Kakaotalk. 

Once you fill out the “Order for me” form, a shopping assistant will get in touch with you.

You can check commission fees for assisted purchases here.


How to fill-up the ‘’order for me’’ form?

On Kakaotalk, open the chat with Kfriday (ID: Kfriday Forwarding). Pull up the bottom bar menu and tap on ‘’Order for me”. Follow each step. If you get stuck, you can always contact the team on Kakaotalk or on social media.


How do I know when my package arrives?

You will receive a notification on Kakaotalk when your package arrives at our warehouse. 

From the time your package arrives, you can store it for free for 30 days (1 month). 


How long can I store my package for free in Kfriday warehouse?

Each of your packages can be stored for 1 month for free at our warehouse.


After 1 month, how much would it cost me to store a package?

After this free storage month, we will charge 1500 won per day and per package.


Do I need to pay to receive a picture of my package?

No, we will automatically take a picture of your box when it arrives at our warehouse.

If you’d like to check inside of the box via an unboxing video, please let us know by chat.


Where can I find the picture of my package?

On Kakaotalk, open the chat with Kfriday (ID: Kfriday Forwarding). Pull up the bottom bar menu and tap on ‘’My Postbox”. Under the “Arrived” section of your postbox, you should be able to view packages’ photos.


Can I ask extra picture of my package? 

Sure you can ask for extra pictures. To do so, please leave a message to the warehouse team on Kakaotalk.​

Inclusions Only

What is the “Inclusions only” service?

“Inclusions Only” is a service where we extract only certain items from your packages.

For example, with the inclusion service, you can only receive only photo cards or POBs. This service will reduce the weight of your packages by as much as 95%; thereby helping you to save a lot of money on shipping.


How can I request to forward my package?

To request forwarding, please fill out the form ‘Request Forwarding’.


Where can I request a consolidation service? 

We automatically consolidate all of the packages you select for forwarding so that your billable weight is minimized. If you have extra requests, please leave a message under ‘Note’ of the form or to the warehouse team on Kakaotalk.


How can I check the weight of my package?

You can check the weight of your packages in your Postbox’s ‘Outgoing’ section. You should be able to view a picture of your package on a scale. 

If you have any questions, please ask the warehouse team on Kakaotalk. 

Your forwarding cost is a function of billable weight, which is greater than actual or volumetric weights.


Which forwarding option can I pick?

We ship via one of the three Express couriers (UPS, Fedex, DHL), whichever one is the most affordable at the time. Unfortunately, you cannot select a specific courier, as our system currently does not provide the flexibility. We will work towards improving our flexibility.

For select countries, we provide the K-packet option, which is more affordable than Express for packages under 2kg. However, it takes 3-4 weeks to deliver.


Which method option can I choose?

At Kfriday we offer 2 payment methods: Wise and Paypal. 


When do I receive the invoice?

The warehouse team will send the invoice directly to Kakaotalk. You can also view your invoices in your Postbox, under the ‘Transactions’ section.


On Paypal should I pick f&f or g&s?

For Paypal, please select G&S (Goods and Services).

Custom Fees

What is a customs fee?

Customs fees or import taxes are costs that your country may ask you to pay when you receive a package from abroad. 

You are responsible for all customs fees. We do not pay for them. Each country has different rules so we will ask you to check by yourself. 


How do I declare items values for customs?

On the “Request Forwarding” form, you can adjust your items’ values, the summation of which will be used by your country’s government to determine customs/import taxes.


Can I choose the value of my package? 

Yes, we leave value declaration up to you. Provide accurate items information for customs declaration. Please bear in mind the recipient is responsible for the accuracy of the customs declaration and for paying any duty and tax. Falsely marking an item as a gift or giving a false value on a customs declaration may result in fees or delays being applied by relevant authorities.


Does the team wear gloves during inclusion?

The team wears gloves during a lot of operations. Unfortunately for inclusion, we need to remove them for the sake of accuracy and speed. When the team is not wearing gloves, we wash and sanitize our hands before, during and after each task. 


What does Kfriday do to protect its customer from Covid?

To protect our lovely customers, we sanitize the warehouse daily and open the windows every hour. And if a member tests positive or was in contact with someone who has Covid, we ask them to stay at home.


What does Kfriday do to protect the planet? 

To protect the environment, Kfriday is re-using boxes to ship your packages.

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