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Mar 21, 2023

Let's celebrate Billlie come back

⭐️How to join:

Event 1:

Order the new Billlie albums with Kfriday OFM service (regular or priority). 20 winners will be selected to win 4 photocards.

Event 2:

By using Kfriday's OFM service for Billlie fansign and video call events, you can win a full set of POBs.

A total of 3 winners will be selected.

Event 3:

Request an inclusion for your Billlie's packages. You will be entered our event. We will randomly select 20 winners to receive 4 photocards.

All the OFMs and inclusions that have been submitted already will automatically be entered into this giveaway.


Officials Billlie photocards from "The Billage of perception" comeback.

*Winners will be randomly selected for each event.


Events 1 and 2 will end on November 10th. The winners will be contacted via Kakaotalk.

Event 3 will end when the stock will be exhausted.

*Shipping and customs are not included.

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