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[Notice] Shipping Price Increase and other December Announcements

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Dear valued Kfriday customers,

Merry Christmas! Kfriday is doing its best to be your most reliable and caring Korean proxy. We are truly grateful to be collaborating with wonderful folks like yourself.

We would like to make a couple of turn-of-the-year announcements.

1. X-mas survey credit of 20,000 won expires on December 31, 2022

We would like to thank almost a thousand members who filled out the survey and claimed their well-earned bonus credit. Please note that the 20,000 won will disappear if not used by December 31. Do make use of it!

2. Shipping Fee will increase by 3% from January 9, 2023

Every year, international carriers raise their shipping prices. For 2023, citing historic worldwide inflation, FedEx and UPS have increased their prices by 4.9% and 6.9% respectively, with the new rates taking effect on December 26, 2022.

Kfriday will absorb some of the cost inflation but we will still raise our prices by 3% from January 9, 2023, Korea Standard Time, based on the forward payment date.

  • Let us reiterate that the price hike is based on your payment date. Current rates will apply if you pay any time before 23:59 on January 8 (Sunday).

  • Please bear in mind it is currently taking around 2-5 business days for us to prepare your consolidated box.

  • Due to the above-mentioned prep time, if you’d like to ship with current rates, we recommend you submit the ‘Request Forwarding’ form by January 2.

3. We Apply and Attend Offline Fansigns for You

Did you know you can have Kfriday staff apply and attend offline fansigns (if held in Seoul) on your behalf? You can request this fansign proxy via the Order for Me form. We’d like to let you know we charge an application fee of 10,000 won (on top of the OFM fee); if you win, an attendance fee of 40,000 won.

Thank you for using Kfriday, and as always, we will try our best to keep you satisfied.


Kfriday Team

From Korea to You Anyday

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