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Unboxing video

Good day dear Kfriday family members, after receiving your Kfriday package, film an unboxing video and send it to Kakaotalk if an item is missing or damaged.

But how do I make an unboxing video?


Here are some rules we will ask you to follow, if not we won't accept your request.

  • The package must be captured on camera.

  • No edits are allowed (film in one shot).

  • You should record the entire process from the moment you open the package to the end.

  • Make sure to focus on each item inside the package.

Why should you film an unboxing?

Whenever you open your Kfriday package, we remind you to always record an unboxing video. If there are any issues with your box and items, we ask that you do this so we can investigate them properly.


Read carefully. We don't accept complaints if the package has been repacked or the unboxing video doesn't follow the instructions.

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