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Forwarding notice: Magnets

After a conversation with our carrier (UPS & FedEx), we have received confirmation that industrial-use magnets will not be allowed to be shipped aboard. ✈️

However, personal use magnets with a limited quantity of less than 25 pieces will be allowed.

• refrigerator magnets

• paper magnet

• small rubber magnet

• acrylic magnet

• stationery magnet

On your My Incoming Goods form, please detail the item as such. We strongly suggest limiting the number of such magnets to less than 25 pieces per forwarding package.

In addition, please be reminded that this differs from the importing policy with your local government.

If the package was rejected due to local regulations in your area, your package might be returned to Korea (with a return shipping fee) or disposed of by your local authority.

‼️The changes will be taking effect on packages that will be shipped out starting May 1st, 2024.‼️

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