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Let us introduce an improved version of Kfriday's 'Order for Me' Form!

Say hello to the smoother and more user-facing OFM submission form.

The features are still the same yet there are now additional fields, enhanced interactions, and explanations to guide you during submission of your OFM.

Some of the new updates:

1. New interface: We changed the design of the form to make it more user-friendly for you.

2. Better interaction: Type-specific information will appear based on the OFM type you choose.

3. Proxy fansign: Renamed from Offline Fansign → Proxy fansign. This is only when you want our dedicated staff to attend fansign or showcase on your behalf.

4. Video call: We've added a particular field that will pop up if you tick Video Call check box. You can enter the applicant's VC info there!

5. Sold out: We now added a new section "What to do if items sold out" for faster and more intuitive processing to help you with time sensitive orders.

Now up on our Kakaotalk menu or our website's "members only" page. Give it a go!

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