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How to decorate your Idol photocards (tips)

Stop keeping your amazing idol photocards inside a bland blinder! It’s time to expose them to the world!


In this article, we are going to give you some tips to decorate and take care of your precious photocards!

Before discussing decoration, let’s see how you can customize your photo cards without destroying their value.

It’s important to keep your photo cards (official or not) safe from any scratch. We recommend you place your photo cards in a toploader to protect them when decorating. Be very careful to not damage your photo cards; otherwise, they will lose their value.

You can buy toploaders directly on online stores such as eBay or Etsy. Alternatively, you can order them on Naver through Kfriday.

Now you can add your cute stickers directly on the toploader!

  1. Find inspiration

Before starting to decorate your photo cards, binders or phone case, it’s important to know what you have.

We suggest you place on the table all your photo cards, stickers, and freebies you have collected; and see how you can mix and match everything together. Also, you can find inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest by seeing what other K-pop fans have done!

2. Decorate time

Now it’s the most exciting part… DECORATION. Let your imagination run wild and get the cutest sticker packs.

To buy stickers you have several options:

  • Go to your stationery shop

  • Buy them online (on Amazon/Etsy)

  • Order Korean stickers with Kfriday

You don’t find any cute stickers near your home or online?

You can just order them via Kfriday.

3. Order custom photo cards

Decorating photo cards can take time, energy and money, so at Kfriday we found THE solution for you! Send us a picture of the idol and we can custom-make photocards for you! You can learn more about our amazing photo cards design service just here: (send us a DM on Instagram or Twitter).

4. Give them some love

It’s showtime!

Now that you are done decorating, post them on Instagram with the hashtags #kdecoration (we will repost all of them).

Photo cards decoration is a real passion and Kfriday wants to spotlight it!

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