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How to search and buy on Bunjang?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Before explaining how Bunjang works, let Kfriday introduce you to the amazing marketplace popular among avid K-pop fans, named 번개장터 Bungaejanter.

Bunjang ( is one of the most popular platforms (along with Joonggonara and Hello Market) in Korea for reselling any kind of secondhand items. Bunjang is the perfect website for K-pop fans in search of rare gems, such as signed albums, fan meeting goods, photocards from previous comebacks, and many more.

Bunjang is such a great platform for Kpop fans, unfortunately, this website is only available in Korean and the registration process requires having a valid Korean phone number and an account. Also, it’s necessary to talk with the seller before closing a sale ( price, item condition, shipping condition before placing an order and most of the sellers in Bunjang are not able to speak English. It is really important to be aware that there is no specific buyer/seller protection feature on Bunjang. Most sellers only accept payment through Korean bank transfers, which makes it difficult for international buyers to purchase items.

To order in Bunjang it’s really simple. You just have to search for the item on the research bar.

While you find your item, you need to talk with the seller. In general, you will talk about the price or the shipping time. When the seller and you agree you will have to pay for the item first, then the seller will send the item to your Korean address.

This method is not foolproof, some sellers are fraudulent and some will not take any responsibility for the loss and/or damage of your package. Using a 3rd party, such as Kfriday, can help you to avoid all these problems. Kfriday will take all the precautions during any transaction with any Bunjang seller.

It could be really hard for no-Korea to navigate to Bunjang. But Kfriday can play the role of the 3rd party, with our personal shoppers who will help you order the item(s) of your dreams in Bunjang.

You can contact us directly on our social media or on KakaoTalk (ID:Kfriday Forwarding).

Our shopper team will be happy to help you order on Bunjang. To do so, please fill out the form" order for me" and copy the link to your item. Be careful, Kfriday can only order items with the red logo "페이".

List of sellers created by Kfriday:

  • BTS - Butter:

  • ITZY:

  • Everglow:

  • Twice:

  • NCT:

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