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[Kfriday 2.0] First Impact!

Discover the fourth update of Kfriday 2.0.

Discover our NEW inclusion fee!!

Upon welcoming new customers, we lowered our inclusion fee and offered a variety of options.

Visit the FAQ page on our website to learn more about this updated price table.

What is inclusion?

Your packages will be lighter if Kfriday opens them and keeps only what you want (photo cards, posters, stickers, etc).

This service can be used for Kpop items but also for Kbeauty and Kfashion items.

How to request it?

Once your package arrives at the warehouse, fill out the "inclusion" form (in the Kakaotalk menu or on our members-only website).

We will be posting more updates in the near future! Please look forward to it!

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