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Lucky Draw events and photocards

If you are into Kpop, you may have seen some posts and events talking about “Lucky Draw.” But what exactly is “Lucky Draw” and how can you join it?

Keep reading this blog and you will know all the secrets about “Lucky Draw” events.

When a comeback is around the corner Kpop stores organize a “Lucky Draw” event. During this event, you will be able to buy albums and get access to a “lucky Draw” machine either digitally or physically. Each event has different rules but usually, if you buy one album, you will get 1 photocard at random.

Press the magic BUTTON and get one random photo card afterwards.


BLACKPINK Lucky Draw event at Ktown4u
Yena Lucky Draw at Soundwave

Here is a little tutorial on “How to join a Lucky Draw event?”

Step 1: Buy 1 ALBUM = 1 Time participated


= 3/4 Times participated

Step 2: Press the button

Step 3: Congrats you have your photocards.

*Sometimes shops give you the option to buy the album sets, giving you a chance to win an extra prize.

If you can’t join a Lucky draw, you can buy the photocard online but the price tends to be higher than a random photocard and easy-to-get POB photocard. The rarity and the limited amount of photocards can explain this price.

Kfriday offline team can attend an offline Lucky Draw event for you in Seoul. To know more about this service feel free to send us a message on our social media or Kakaotalk.

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