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[Notice] New Invoice 22/08/28

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Starting 2022-08-29 New invoice system will be implemented.

Your old invoices should still be the same, but New forward requests that were finished starting from August 29th are applied.

Old Invoice

Before we were requesting invoices for services(Inclusion/Unboxing) that were done regarding them added to the Forward package.

New Invoice

But now we have changed so that service fees associated with certain forwarding packages will be added to that FW invoice.

For example - If FW10 includes [Inclusion A] and [Unboxing of 1111,2222,3333] those will be added and charged only. For [Inclusion B/C/...] and [Unboxing 4444,5555,6666], the unpaid fees will be added to the FW invoice to the corresponding FW Package when those boxes are added to other FW packages.

***Important Due to a change in the Invoice system, it is possible that we may double charge you for the same service. (We might have already charged and received the payment for Inclusion ABC, but if it was not sent out in the past FW and if it was included in the new FW, it is possible that the Inclusion ABC fee can be added to the new invoice system.)

We are aware of this situation and trying to resolve them as much as possible. However, if you think you have been charged or paid twice for the same Inclusion/Unboxing fee, please let us know and we will add credit to your account for overcharged fees.

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