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Sonny Angel: A Shopping Guide in Korea

Seoul, the vibrant capital of South Korea, is known for its rich history, bustling streets, and eclectic blend of modernity and tradition. However, hidden among the city's lively neighbourhoods and bustling markets lies a charming secret waiting to be discovered - the adorable and collectable world of Sonny Angel figurines.

The Sonny Angel Phenomenon:

Sonny Angel, with its distinctive cherub-like design and diverse range of characters, has captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. These pint-sized figurines, standing at just 7.5 cm tall, are beloved for their 귀여운 (gwiyeoun / cute) aesthetic and the element of surprise that comes with each blind box. Collectors are drawn to the thrill of not knowing which character they'll get, adding an element of excitement to the process.

In this blog post, we'll embark on a whimsical journey through Seoul, exploring the various places where you can find and collect these tiny, winged companions.

Let's explore these destinations: BUTTER Shop: Nestled in the heart of Korea, the BUTTER shop stands as a haven for enthusiasts seeking unique and delightful treasures. Step into this boutique, where Sonny Angel figurines grace the shelves, showcasing their adorable and diverse designs. From playful animals to sweet-themed characters, BUTTER shop offers a curated selection that will captivate collectors of all ages. Immerse yourself in the cosy atmosphere and let the magic of Sonny Angel brighten your day.

YPBooks: Head to the iconic YPBooks. Known for its vast collection of literature, Kyobo also boasts a dedicated section for quirky and charming collectables. Among these treasures, you'll find Sonny Angel figurines adding a touch of whimsy to the shelves. Take your time exploring the aisles, surrounded by books and discover the perfect Sonny Angel companion to accompany you on your adventures. "Order for Me" Form: After checking out Sonny Angel's Korean website ( Then fill out the "Order for Me" form. Let us know what Sonny Angel designs you're craving, how many you'd like, and any other preferences you might have.

If you require assistance, our online or offline team is eager to purchase on your behalf. To proceed, simply obtain a FREE Kfriday address through Kakaotalk. Upon receiving it, you can complete the "Order For Me" form.

(Check out our sign-up tutorial video for more info)

An adventure with Sonny Angel in Seoul is not just about collecting winged figurines; it's also about exploring the city's diverse neighbourhoods, each offering a distinctive shopping experience. So, pack your sense of wonder and curiosity, and let Seoul surprise you with its charming world of Sonny Angels. Happy collecting!

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