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Introducing TWS: The Rising Stars of K-pop's New Wave

In the ever-evolving world of K-pop, excitement reached new heights as TWS, Pledis Entertainment's latest boy band, embarked on their ambitious journey. Heralded as Seventeen's younger brother band, TWS entered the spotlight as HYBE Labels' first K-pop debut of 2024. Their debut EP, "Sparkling Blue," was released on Monday.

TWS press conference

Seventeen's Legacy:

TWS carries the mantle of Seventeen's younger brother's band, a title that comes with both honour and responsibility. During their first press showcase at the Blue Square in Yongsan District, central Seoul, the members expressed gratitude for the connection to Seventeen. Jihoon, one of TWS's members, highlighted how being labelled Seventeen's younger brother group adds responsibility and drives them to excel.

Members and Inspirations:

Comprising five Korean members – Youngjae, Jihoon, Dohoon, Kyungmin, and Shinyu – along with one Chinese member, Hanjin, TWS draws inspiration from Seventeen, their role model. Dohoon shared that the title of being Seventeen's younger brother group incentivizes them to shine even brighter on stage, turning the positive pressure into a catalyst for growth.

Debut EP "Sparkling Blue":

TWS's debut EP, "Sparkling Blue," and its lead track "plot twist" encapsulate the band's mindset as they make their mark in the K-pop scene. Youngjae likened the first encounters to the nervous yet exciting feelings he experienced during their first press showcase. The lead track, known for its easy-listening and refreshing nature, reflects the band's unique colours and commitment to spreading positive energy.

Boyhood Pop and TWS's Identity:

The band's name, TWS, is an abbreviation of its slogan: "Twenty-four-seven With Us." Reflecting their bright and refreshing team identity, TWS introduces a new genre they coined as "boyhood pop." Jihoon explained that their goal is to spark fantasy in everyday life and share stories of their boyhood experiences.

Striving for Perfection:

As they navigate their debut and subsequent performances, TWS has a shared motto: "Have a better day today than yesterday." Youngjae emphasized that by consistently embodying this motto, they hope to earn the coveted moniker of a "perfect idol" in the future.


TWS has set the stage for a promising career, carrying the legacy of Seventeen while confidently establishing its own identity. With their debut EP "Sparkling Blue" serving as an introduction to their musical spectrum, TWS is undoubtedly a group to watch as they sparkle their way into the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts around the world. The journey has just begun, and TWS's aspirations for perfection and positive energy hint at a future filled with success and admiration.

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