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What Koreans are saying about WayV 'Kick Back'

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

After nine months of waiting since WayV’s last comeback in June 2020, the Chinese sub-unit of NCT is back with a very diverse and more mature tracklist. Their third mini-album Kick Back comes in two versions. The “Stranger” version photos give off some hazy vintage yet luxurious moments, while in the “Hitchhiker” photos, the members jumped into a different dreamy world under mysterious lights.

Here are some of things WayV Korean fans are saying in their blogs.

  1. They used their lucky charms to get the postcard of their favorites.

  2. They are drooling in awe and screaming at the photos inside the albums.

  3. They're not horrified by the outfits, but nevertheless overwhelmed by the members' good looks.

  4. They really like 'Action Figure' and think it should have been the title song.

  5. They are studying Chinese and eating Chinese hotpot to get closer to the boys.

  6. They are very sad that the group is performing without Win Win and Lucas, who are being quarantined after their China trip.

  7. They are looking forward to seeing the boys in the April issue of Dazed.


Please use the Translate function in your browser to view the original Korean sites.

It's my first time getting a Win Win poca.

Win Win suddenly came to my home,

when my heart wasn't ready.

Looking at it in person,

I am brought to tears...

My VC fansign attempts didn't go well, but I pulled myself for another try...

I submitted.. full of excitement.

To calm myself, I went to get some sweet food.

Somewhat abrupt, but we came here to serve our duty as fans of HuoguoShenV.

I tried shrimp wonton that our Win likes. The texture is really... just like him (meaning f*king good)

They all came out so well. Usually at least one person misses the shot, which breaks my heart. But in this one, everyone is insane.

Especially, Hendery/Wong Kunhang/Hwang Kwanghyun shines so much. I don't know where to lay my eyes.

I'm doing a video call with Hendery? Are you kidding me? I kept saying I had a butterfly in my stomache, and my friend brought me soju, as if it were some kind of medicine.

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