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You want to know how and where to buy a signed Kpop album.

For a majority of Kpop fans having something hand-signed by your favourite group or solo artist is one of the most indescribable feelings. It’s impossible to describe your emotion when you receive this precious and unpredictable album.

Kfriday will give you all the tips and mistakes to avoid before buying your signed album.

There are countless scammers on the internet, some people are faking signatures, and some will overprice the album. But Kfriday will give you all the important and useful information to find the right seller.

So first things, I will cover the three websites to buy signed albums:

  • Mwave

  • Yesasia

  • Makestar

Mwave may be the safest website to order signed albums. You can follow Mwave on Instagram or check their website weekly to see which groups are on there.

How to order:

  • go to Mwave’s website or app,

  • then click SHOP,

  • ALBUM,


You can also buy signed albums directly from sellers on eBay, Vinted, and social media.

  1. eBay

  2. Vinted

  3. Social media (Twitter/Instagram)

To find signed albums on social media, you can use hashtags such as: #signedalbum #kpopalbums #albumwtb. You can also tape ‘’WTS + name of the album/or the group’’ on Twitter or Instagram and find a list of potential sellers.

But be careful when you buy an item directly from a personal seller, even if the vast majority are serious, a tiny possibility can try to scam you.

You must ask for extra proofs, and close pictures (to check the authenticity of the signatures).

When you buy signed albums on social media make sure the seller can ship the albums worldwide (if you don’t live in the same country as the seller).

You can also contact GOM, they help Kpop fans to buy international Kpop items and merchandise for a lower price, which sometimes can include signed albums. You should definitely check out.

Signed albums’ prices can be various, usually ranging from $25 to $30 (Price range from Mwave). But at this price, it will be impossible to find BTS’s albums, Ateez or other famous and popular groups.

Also, some albums can be signed by only one member of the group (so be careful to read the caption attentively).

Hope, all these tips can help you guys to buy a signed album from your favourite Kpop Idols.

If there are any questions, or need someone to assist you to buy your signed album, you can send messages to Kfriday on our social media or on Kakotalk.

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