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Today, the music world is shaking its face at the new business of Kpop photocards. K-pop fans are trading and selling photocards of their K-pop idols on social media or other buying sites.

Do you want to start your Kpop photocard collection? Or do you want some tips to increase your current collection?

In this blog, Kfriday will give you all tips to find photo cards without being scammed by dishonest sellers.

Where to buy photocards

Firstly, you need to know where to find your photo cards. There is plenty of option where you can buy them:

  • On Bunjang

  • On Instagram

  • On Twitter

  • Buying Kpop albums

  • On eBay

Kfriday can ship to you only the photocards via our inclusion service.

How to identify realphoto cards

Before buying a photocard online from an online seller, you need to be sure about the authenticity of the photocard.

To identify if a photo card is official, you have various options:

  • The easiest way is to compare the photocard to a verified real one online.

  • You can ask the seller to give you some proof.

  • You can check on Weverse, Ktown4U, or Withdrama. These websites will be able to let you find the comeback of your group and check the photocards description.

  • You can ask the K-pop community on Reddit (subreddit r/kpophelp) or Quora. The community will be able to help you identify the authenticity of the card.

Here are some tips to help you to identify the authenticity of a photocard:

  • The picture on the photocard shouldn’t be pixelated.

  • The photocard should be HD quality.

  • The picture on the photocard should be cropped correctly.

  • Check for small details and compare the seller's card to the one you know is authentic and look for any differences (light, halo, size, shape).

  • Specks always appear on official Korean photocards of a certain shape.

  • Do some research and take your time before purchasing a photocard online. Avoid any impulse purchases!

Use your common sense, for example, if a seller online sells many copies of a limited photocard, you should be suspicious.

How to avoid scamming accounts

Unfortunately, some people have no scruple to scam fans by selling fake photocards or not sending them.

Before buying any photocard from a seller online, you can check their reputation online (try to contact previous buyers/ask for proof/check their reviews).

Some accounts on Instagram and Twitter inform the K-pop community daily about potential scamming seller accounts.

Hope all these tips can help you guys. What are you waiting for?

Start to explore your favourite Idols and purchase them! If there are any questions or need someone to assist you guys to buy your precious photocards.

You guys can just send messages to Kfriday on our social media or on Kakotalk.

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